Willow Smith Hairstyles

Willow Smith is an American actress and singer. She is also Will Smith daughter. So what did the hairstyles that she sport? She have ‘afro’ hairstyles, cornrow, and for the girl her age she have quiet edgy hairstyle recently. It seems that she sporting undercut at the picture there. She also have a cute bowl cut and micro braids. When you see at the picture you will see her stylish and unique hairstyles. So, let’s dig in deeper in Willow Smith hairstyles.

Willow Smith

Like I’ve told you before, Willow has edgy hairstyles for girl her age. But it looks so stylish for her. Like her undercut. She shaved her right side of her hair to make it. As you can see from the picture, Willow hair was quiet long and she left it like that. It seems that she straightening her hair to create a good look. Still from her undercut, she also cut her hair a bit and curl the tip of it to create the look at the bottom picture.

Willow Smith Hair

Aside from that she also shaved both side and the back of her hair and left the top of her hair long. Willow looks so boyish with this hairstyle. She make the remainder of her hair at the top into a quiff. Other than quiff, she make it into micro braid that looks so unique and cool. She also left it volumed and curling it to make a different styles on this hairstyle.

Willow Smith Hairstyles

Willow Smith Hairstyles in Braids

Talking about micro braids, she have a lot of styles involving this one. She have a ‘Rasta’ look with adding a white hat on her head. Aside from that she also made her shaved side and back hair into a cornrow.

Willow Smith Hairstyles 2012

Willow Smith Haircut

Well, if you think of imposing Willow hairstyles, one thing that you need to know is regardless of what age you are, Willow Smith hairstyles can be tried at you.

Willow Smith Hair Song

Willow Smith 2012

Willow Smith hairstyles are cornrow, micro braids, undercut, and bowl cut. One of her unique hairstyles is her undercut. She shave her right head to make it. She also have a micro braid that looks so good with her.