Will Smith Hairstyles

This famous actor is our next hair spotlight. And yeah, we are going to discuss about it. Will Smith hairstyles is not that varied. He mainly have a short hair that cut near his scalp. He even have a bald hair too. Her hair showing that he likes the simplicity and hey, those shorts hair really didn’t need a lot of maintenance. You can even get out from your apartment without combing your hair! As simple as it is, Will Smith hairstyle is stylish and can be copied to yours if you like his style too. So what are we waiting for? Lets talk about it right now.

Will Smith

Will Smith 2012

So what did the haircut that Will sport? Well, like I’ve said before, he have the cut that really short, almost to his scalp. But the top of his hair still hold the thick and really short frizz, although it didn’t cut until the scalp. If you wish to copycat this Will Smith hairstyles then told your barbershop you want the clipper at 1.5 on the sides, straight up, then square up the top. And voila you get Will Smith hairstyles!

Will Smith Haircut

Will Smith Hair 2012

Will Smith hairstyle is not only that. He also have the haircut that cut really short, but at the same length. Crew cut for instance.

Bald is another style that Will sport. This clean shaved hair are really zero maintenance at all. If you want to just bald you hair like him, make sure you bring your hat before you go out to shield your head from outside heat.

Will Smith Hairstyles in Bad Boys

Will Smith Hair

So, what do you think about Will hairstyle?

Will Smith Hairstyles 2012

Will Smith Hairstyles

Will Smith hairstyle is about hairstyle that Will Smith use from a few year back until recently. Will Smith hair is mainly short. Even he have a bald hair. Haircut styles that he use were really short at the same length and the other haircut that left his short frizz thick enough and the sides plus back part of his head shaved nearly to the scalp.