Who have the best celebrity short hair cuts?

Older or younger, women in showbiz have long loved the short hair cut and so we have had a lot of celebrity short hair cuts. From Sharon Stone to Oprah Winfrey to Emma Watson and Katie Holmes, the list goes on and on. The short hairstyles of celebrities have always been popular, but there are some that outshine the others. So which celebrity has the nicest hair cut? While there can’t be a correct answer to that question, over the years, critics have praised some celebrity haircuts over the others. Let’s take a look.

The best celebrity short hair cuts

To start with, we have to talk about Sharon Stone. The smoking hot lady, who has always turned heads with her charm, has been praised for her pretty short hair cuts. Thousands of women across the globe copied her hairstyle and that made it extremely popular. Then, we have Oprah Winfrey, who after chopping off her hair to a short length, inspired many women to do so as well. Among the younger lot, we have Katie Holmes who has won millions of hearts with her cute smile and even cuter short hair cut. Then, there is the Harry Potter girl Emma Watson who recently chopped off her signature long locks and made it work wonderfully well. These celebrities,with their short haircuts are surely among the best.

celebrity short hair cuts
celebrity short hair cuts1
celebrity short hair cuts

If you are looking for some good celebrity-like short hairstyles, you could take a look at the hair cuts of these women. There are others also who have very nice short haircuts like Victoria Beckham, Rihanna and Ellen Degeneres. Go through pictures or consult your hair stylist and see which short celebrity hairstyle you would like for yourself. The best celebrity short hair cuts are fashionable, elegant and always stunning.