Trendy short hairstyles for round faces

If you have a round face, you could choose from among the many short hairstyles for round faces. You could go for the classic bob cut or go for a chic asymmetrical style. You could also have sharp bangs that add a lot of character and style to your face. If you are unhappy with a chubby, round face, you can get a short trendy haircut that will hide all the fat in your face and make it look sharp and sexy. So read on to know exactly what you can do with your hair if you have a round face.

Looking for short hairstyles for round faces?

If you are looking for short haircuts for your round face, you have come to the right place. Did you know that stylists around the world recommend women with round faces to go for short hair cuts? There is a lot you can do with short hair and this length of hair is very easy to maintain as well. Therefore it barely comes as a surprise to know that more and more women with round faces opt for sharp short hairstyles every day. May be it is the time for you too to get such a cut.

short hairstyles for round faces

short hairstyles for round faces
short hairstyles for round faces

Look at pictures of women who have a similar face cut like yours and see what hairstyle they are sporting. A lot of celebrities have round faces and you could copy their haircuts.


Once you get a haircut of your choice, color your hair as well. Hair color massively increases style quotient and you can look absolutely stunning with a colored short crop of hair. So take a look at the snaps and then ask your stylist to replicate a cut you like a lot. The short hairstyles for round faces are great and you just need to find the perfect one for yourself.