The most recent celebrity hairstyles updos

At the recently concluded award ceremonies, we got to see a lot of celebrity hairstyles updos. From Adele Atkins at the Golden Globe Awards to Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars, a lot of women carried this hairstyle around and that too with a lot of style and elegance. At a time when leaving the hair open is considered to be trendy, these celebs surely stood out with their stunning hairdos. Let us take a closer look at some of the most gorgeous recent celeb hair updos.

The stunning celebrity hairstyles updos

Let us begin with the beautiful Jennifer Lawrence. Apart from loving this tall, slender 22 year old for her acting skills, we also love her for her beauty. She is a true fashionista and this was proved by her hairdos at the award functions. At the Golden Globe awards and the Oscars she had hair updos that created flutters straightaway! Next, we have to mention Adele Atkins. The powerful singer has been winning all the accolades this year for her song ‘Skyfall’ and also for her subtle sense of style. She knows exactly what to do with her hair and every time she sports a gorgeous hair updo. And finally, how can we ignore the ever radiant Taylor Swift? The lady sure knows a lot of tricks about great hair updos!

celebrity hairstyles updos 550x378 The most recent celebrity hairstyles updos
celebrity hairstyles updos1 491x550 The most recent celebrity hairstyles updos
celebrity hairstyles updos2 550x385 The most recent celebrity hairstyles updos

So if you too want to style your hair like your favorite star, you could copy one of their recent hairstyles. These styles are very popular and any stylist can help you with them. You could also ask a friend to help you in getting the perfect look. Hair updos look great for an evening out, so next time you have an event, try out one of the recent celebrity hairstyles updos.