The most memorable celebrity curly hair cuts

Some celebrity curly hair cuts just become legendary. Who can forget the last scene in Sister Act with Whoopi Goldberg flaunting her curly hair in a nun’s outfit? We love watching Sarah Jessica Parker and her gorgeous curls. Beyonce has long charmed us with her curly hair as well. These women, without a doubt, have some of the best curls in showbiz. If you admire their hairstyles and want something similar for yourself, you can ask your stylist to suggest a haircut to you. Alternatively, you could go through pictures of celebrity hair cuts and see what you like the most.

The best celebrity curly haircuts

When we speak of celebrities with curly hair, Whoopi Goldberg’s name automatically comes to mind. In her long career spreading over 3 decades, she hardly ever sported a straight hairstyle. She loved her locks and so did we! Then, the next name on the list is that of Sarah Jessica Parker. As the sassy, uber-stylish Carrie in Sex and the City, Parker flaunted some wonderful looks, and though a lot of the credit went to her clothes, every single viewer admired her curly mane. And finally we have Beyonce. When Beyonce first appeared on the screen, we all sat up and took note of her. We admired her talent as well as her look, much of which was due to her lovely curls. Women across the world copied her hairstyle, making her a hairstyle fashion icon almost immediately.

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So if you want to look like your favorite curly-haired star, you could try the hairstyles of Whoopi, Sarah or Beyonce. Since their styles are legendary, any good stylist could replicate them on your hair. Before you go for a cut, see which hairstyle would suit you the most. Once done, you can flaunt your very own celebrity curly hair cuts!