The gorgeous Indian wedding hairstyles

The ‘dulhan’ or the Indian bride is a sight to behold and the gorgeous Indian wedding hairstyles go a long way in determining this. Indian women are considered to be among the most beautiful women in the world and almost all of them have great hair, a feature that adds to their beauty.  And what better day to show off their lovely mane than on their wedding day? The Indian wedding hairdos are immensely popular with a lot of people from other countries trying them out as well. Take a look at this article to know more about the hairstyles Indian women sport on their wedding day.

The different types of Indian wedding hairstyles

The most common style is the bun. Since the bride’s hair is always covered in a ‘dupatta’ or a veil, the hair is tied in a bun. The hair is parted in the middle and buffed up in the front. The hair is adorned with flowers, and sometimes even with golden jewelry. This is the traditional look. There are some contemporary styles as well with modern day brides opting to leave their hair open on their wedding day. The hair is usually curled up in light, beach waves at the back. The hair is parted from the middle with the women wearing a ‘maang tika’, a kind of jewelry worn over the hair partition in the middle.

indian wedding hairstyles
indian wedding hairstyles1
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Indian women mostly like to stick to tradition while getting married, so black is the predominant color for Indian wedding hairdos. Flowers and jewelry are a must to be worn in the hair of a bride. The ‘dupatta’ is also a part of the hairstyle. If you love the Indian wedding hairstyles and want to copy them as well, you could quite simply do so and look absolutely gorgeous!