Taylor Swift Hairstyles 2012

This actress and pop-country singer are very pretty. Her appearance in public is giving us an awe endlessly. And we are here to talk about her, focused on her hairstyles. Taylor Swift feminine look can be imposed by you. Just try some of the styles that she sport here and you’ll see the difference in your appearance. Some are even just plain easy for you to try it yourself.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Hairstyles 2012

You already know that Taylor Swift hair are in ash blonde color. That light color on her hair are suited with her also light toned skin. This color helps soften facial features which showing some feminine look. About Taylor Swift hairstyles in 2012, we have her letting the hair loose and flowing down free. At one of her show she let her wavy hair down. She also put it on side swept sometimes. Another picture showing us Taylor Swift with her straight hair and bangs. She also make fishtail braid from her hair. At some of the picture she also sported a ponytail placed high.

Taylor Swift Hairstyles

Taylor Swift Hair

Aside from letting her hair loose, tied it into a ponytail or braid it, Taylor Swift hairstyles in 2012 were many showing her in bun. It seems that she loves to make this hairstyles. From the picture we can see that Taylor Swift sporting a twisted bun. She sometimes placed her bun up high and low. I’ll tell you how to make it. Divide your hair starting from above your ears. Secure it to avoid disturbing you when making the half bottom hair. Roll up the rest of the bottom half hair into a low bun. After that, braid the hair that you were secured before. Put it on the top of the chignon and keep it with bobby pins. It maybe a bit difficult, but surely, with a little of practice you can make it perfect.

Taylor Swift Hair Dress

Taylor Swift Hair Dress 2012

So, have a nice day and enjoy Taylor Swift picture. Perhaps you are ready to copy her hairstyles like in the picture?

Taylor Swift Hair 2012

Taylor Swift 2012

Taylor Swift hairstyles 2012 is about Taylor Swift choice of hairstyles in 2012. As you can see, she sometimes let her hair loose, braid it, tied it into a ponytail, and make a twisted bun.