Suri Cruise Hairstyles

Suri Cruise, the daughter from Tom Cruise is our next talk. What talk? Of course about hairstyles. Suri Cruise hairstyles is mainly simple and cute for her. Especially at her age. So what did Suri do with her hair? As you can see yourself, she can let her hair loose. She have a sultry straight hair that fall down naturally. You see, she only added headbands and sometimes hat to vary her straight hair. When she was a baby she have a pixie haircut that looks so good on her. Okay, let’s stop blabbering and get to the main topic.

Suri Cruise Hair 2012

Like I’ve told you, Suri Cruise have a straight hair that she let loose. Her hair looks so soft. She have both medium and long hair that she style this way. Adding some accessories to her hair makes her look so pretty and sweet. She have a bob haircut on her medium hair and of course this haircut makes her cuter. Even when she is still a baby, she already looked stylish with her pixie haircut. You can see it from the picture how her hair looked.

Suri Cruise Haircut 2012

Aside from letting her hair loose, Suri also have a cute double ponytail. To make a double ponytail like her, all you have to do is  parting your hair from the nape of your neck both to the side, and then tied it with hair tie. The height can be adjusted with your preference.

Suri Cruise Hair

Finally, that was what Suri do with her hair. Its simple right? And it’s also easy to make.

Suri Cruise 2012

Suri Cruise hairstyles are about Suri hairstyles from she was a baby till she grow up. Suri have a long straight hair and bob haircut medium hair. She also have a stylish pixie haircut when she was a baby. She looks so cute with her hairstyles and she sometimes added head accessories to lighten up her hair.