Stacey Broughton Hairstyles

Stacey Broughton is a creative hairstylist which his work is going to be our topic today. Stacey Broughton hairstyles are varied and give you all the possibilities of your hair hairstyles. His work can be used for the long hair, medium and short. His hairstyles also for both genders, male and female. You can see that Stacey has a unique work with his asymmetrical haircuts. He also playing a bit with hair color or highlights, although it seems that color play wasn’t his main priority in his work.

Stacey Broughton

For the ladies, Stacey Broughton hairstyles can be sported by you if you prefer some femininity. Although his creation was unique, his work still has some soft and feminine look for girls. Check out at the pictures there. You see that even on the short hair, he still give the girly touch on it. The hairstyle that has been made by him is the loose hair hairstyles. On the medium and long hair he let the hair loose. But you can see some creativity, like letting half top of model’s front hair create bangs, and the half back was side parted which makes his work quite unique.

Stacey Broughton Hair

As for the boys, he has mainly short hairstyles. As you can see, he made the model’s hair into faux hawk, and other haircut that shave the side part of the hair. The remainder of the hair on top, was styled in varied ways. Such as sleek look, pointy look, and messy look. He also has medium hairstyles for boys. At this medium hair, he creates a loose curl and then let the hair floating naturally.

So what do you think about Stacey Broughton hairstyles? It’s quite unique but stylish right?

Stacey Broughton Hairstyles

Stacey Broughton Hairstyles 2012

Stacey Broughton hairstyles are quite unique and stylish. He has hairstyle for male and female, and for long hair to short hair. For the ladies, he has soft looking hairstyles. As for the boys, he has faux hawk and other hairstyles that showed masculine traits.