Some of the most attractive celebrity short hair styles

When we speak of celebrity short hair styles, the first few names that pop in mind are that of Rihanna, Victoria Beckham and Sharon Stone. These women have consistently sported attractive and graceful short haircuts and have made very strong style statements with them as well. If you want to copy any of these hairstyles, you can begin by seeing which haircut would suit your face type. To do this, you could match your face structure to those of the celebrities. For example, if you have an oval face like Sienna Miller, you could try the short hair cut she once sported. If you have a long face, go for a Rihanna cut.

The best celebrity short hair styles

Sharon Stone has over the years given some brilliant performances. But the one thing that almost overshadowed her performances is her hair style. She has almost always had short hair and worn it wonderfully. Then, we have the gorgeous Victoria Beckham who has always turned heads with her short crop. And when we speak of short hair cuts of celebrities, how can we leave out the lovely Katie Holmes who won our hearts over with her pretty short locks.

celebrity short hair styles

celebrity short hair styles1
celebrity short hair styles2

So as it can be see, short hair cuts have always been popular among celebrities. From elegant, blond looks to adventurous colors, we have seen the celebrities sport a variety of short hairstyles.


If you want a short haircut too, you could look at the pictures of the short haired celebrities. So do not wait any longer. Once you select the cut you want, go to your stylist and ask him or her to replicate it on your hair. The celebrity short hair styles are chic, elegant and beautiful and would surely look great on you as well.