Short straight hair styles for kids

When it comes to styling kids’ hair, short straight hair styles are always popular. Kids and their parents like it when the hair is cut short. The main reason is that kids barely maintain their hair. They love to play in the dust and as a result sweat a lot too. Then, children are not as interested in fashion as adults are. So getting their hair cut short makes it simpler for them as well as their parents.

Manageable short straight hair styles for kids

If your daughter has straight hair and you want to cut it short, do not get disheartened. There is a lot you can do with her hair. Although kids are not as particular about fashion as the adults, they still want to look cute. If your daughter has fine, straight hair, give her a sharp blunt cut. She can wear a hair band and complete the look. A blunt cut will also allow you to tie ponytails in her hair, something that always looks good in a child. Then, you can give her a bob cut. This is a popular hairstyle for kids as they simply can keep their hair tidy without having to do a thing! Finally, you could give her a short haircut with bangs. These cuts are however more suited for a slightly older child as the bangs will require some amount of care.

Short straight hair styles


Short straight hair styles 2

Short straight hair styles 1

So if you want to give your daughter a new haircut, choose from among the many short straight haircuts for girls. You could cut the hair yourself or get a professional to do the job. With a good haircut, your daughter will look adorable. So select from among the trendy short straight hair styles for kids and give your daughter a whole new look today.