Short Pageant Hairstyles for Little Girls

Your little girl are submitted on beauty pageant? Well then, you need a hairstylist to make your little kid hair more gorgeous and maybe you can win the contest. So, lets talk about short pageant hairstyles for little girls. If you have a kid with medium or long hair and considered to cut your kid’s hair short then you can look at here for insight.

Short Pageant Hairstyles

Alright. So what we have at the first list? Well, letting your little girl’s hair loose is one of the option. You can let it loose and then curl it or waving it to tone your kid’s hair. Tight curl for your little girl can be considered. This tight curl can make your little kid’s short hair more volumed. Another variation of this is to curl a few parts that can add to your young girl’s look. Such as letting her bangs straight and the back curl while putting tiara or headbands to cover the border between the straight and the curl. Other than that, you can try to make a double ponytail, which is ponytail on each side of the head, then curl the hair that tied. So the front is still straight. That can be put on your little girl’s hairstyle list.

Short Pageant Hairstyles for Little Girls 2012

You can try cornrow too just like one of the picture. And then tied the rest of the hair at the back. This is really cute to be applied on your kid’s hair. Okay, so we reach to the last hairstyles that can be applied at your little girl’s short hair. Guess what? Yep, bun. A cute little bun that put up high can give your kid’s a really cute and sweet look.

Short Pageant Hair

Well, finally, that is all that I can give to you. Every hairstyle can be tried on your kid’s hair, regardless of their face shapes and other factor. If your infant is having a really short hair then you can put accessories to lighten it and make the attention divert to the accessories.

Short Pageant Hairstyles for Little Girls

Short pageant hairstyles for little girls are bun, loose, double ponytail, and cornrow. Those hairstyles can be applied regardless of your infant face shapes and other factor. Consider to put some accessories on their head that can enlighten your kid’s hair.