Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

Short hairstyles for round faces are actually a lot and easy to be adjust. People, especially girls, have various reasons why they chose to have short hairstyle even though they know long hair is always suggested because it lengthened the face and create more interesting shape for the face. Anyway, there are a lot of ways you can take to create best short hairstyles for round faces.

The first and most influenced inspiration usually coming from Hollywood celebrities. In this case, most of fashion magazines choose Ginnifer Goodwin to shows the true beauty of short hairstyle. Goodwin round face look brighter with her short hair, the key is edgy layers cut in. This hairstyle has long bangs that make perfect features of the face.

Another good short hairstyle for round faces is uneven cut. You can mix the length of your hair, make the longest hair is right above your shoulder. Tori Spelling is made this short hair style famous by having uneven cut that is only 2 inches longer than her jaw line. This hairstyle makes her look younger and trendy.

Katie Holmes has been using the short bob hairstyle for her round face, and she’s always look stunning, modern and sophisticated using this style. This bob hairstyle adds fullness to both of your face sides. You only have to make layers cut that grow longer more blow your chin. This short layer hairstyle will make you round face look longer, and certainly always make you look simple, elegant and trendy at the same time.

Another famous Hollywood celebrity that put the short hairstyle upon her round face is Halle Berry. She choose pixie hairstyle and add more volume and lift at the top of her head, this trick has successfully makes her face look longer, make her eyes look bigger and emphasize her cheekbones.

 Short Hair Styles for Round Faces

Katie Holmes Round Face

Halle Berry Short Hairstyles

Katie Holmes Short Hair

Halle Berry Short Hair

Halle Berry Short Hair Back

Ginnifer Goodwin Round Face

The best short hairstyles for round face are bob layered cut, pixie hairstyle, and uneven cut.