Shaggy Hairstyles for Women

Throughout history hair styling has been a key component in popular culture.  Even dating back to the days of the ancient Egyptians and Cleopatra’s famous straight bang braided wig.  Liz Taylor wore this stylish black wig in the 1963 Academy Award winning film Cleopatra.


There have been numerous hairstyles over the course of history, but one theme in particular has captivated the world like no other: the shag hairstyles.  From short shaggy to long shaggy, the variations of the shag hairstyles are endless.


The world first saw this signature shag haircut on the lovely head of Jane Fonda in the film Klute, compliments of the stylist Paul McGregor.  The style is sexy and trashy at the same time; it’s fun and free.  This type made famous again in the 90’s sitcom Friends, Jennifer Aniston’s shag became known by her character’s name, dubbed ‘the Rachel’.

3ShagThere is a reason that this type of hairstyle shares a name with a word that is synonymous with the act of sex.  As an older woman over the age of 50, Meg Ryan captures this specific type of appeal flawlessly with her messy shaggy hairstyle.

The shag hair cut styles well with different types of hair also.  A black woman can sport a fabulous shag hair cut.  Relaxing and straightening out the hair can open up a number of possible shag hair styles. Check out for Phyto Specific Paris Phytorelaxer.  A review from M. Deprizio says “…You will be happy with the results. Sixty bucks is pretty steep, but for great non frizzy healthy hair, Worth It Worth It Worth It.”

3Shag2Highlights and different cut lengths will add a certain choppiness and fun to this particular shag hair style.

There are even shorter shaggy hair styles for African American women.  Halle Berry has been a leading lady of the pixie cropped shag hair style.  These partial curls are wild fun with this short and shaggy hair cut.

3Shag3With some color and holding product, this short shaggy hair style is turned into a elegant firey shag hairstyle.  Try some KMS HairPlay Clay Creme Hair Styling Creams.  Amazon customer Rachel “Soul Searcher” thinks “…to give your hair volumized texture and hold without adding oil or weighing down your hair…This is the product for you!”

Farrah Fawcett sported this type of shag hairstyle in the television show Charlie’s Angels.  A bit different from the more short-bobed Fonda, this shag was longer and more feathered.

3Shag4This is a great hairstyle for a middle aged or older woman.  It gives a friendly ‘mom’ look while being stylish as well.  Stars Sofia Vergara and Sarah Jessica Parker have also wore this longer shaggy style.

The 1970’s shag hairstyle has been adapted by many different stylists and worn by countless celebrities and average Jane’s alike. It is a versitle style that will stand up to the flood of new trending fads.  Celebrities have modeled these iconic looks and have been inspiration for older women to individualize themselves, to express personality and mood.