Sammi Hanratty Hairstyles 2012

Sammi Hanratty is an American actress and singer. This young girl are a good hair role model for you or your daughter. Her feminine hairstyle that create soft look is worth to try. Sammi Hanratty hairstyles in 2012 is varied, and like what I’ve said before, feminine and soft. She have a long hair that framing her face nicely and she add it with her hairstyles. So, lets us move on to the talk of her hairstyles.

Sammi Hanratty

Sammi Hanratty Singing

Sammi Hanratty hairstyle that we are going to talk about first is her loose hair. Loose hair again? Yep. Loose hair maybe plain to imagine for you. But take a look at Sammi picture here. She looks gorgeous right? Of course she is. That was because she styled hair long hair into lots of variation. On first picture we see her with straight soft hair that let loose. It shows her long layered haircut. Next, we see her with a bit wavy at the half down. She also have a curl hair and bob haircut that she let loose. At other picture we see her parting her hair to the side and pin it with hair pin. She have the bangs pulled back and pinned too with hair pin.

Sammi Hanratty Haircut

Sammi Hanratty Hairstyles

Sammi Hanratty Hair

As you can see, Sammi also put her hair into ponytail. She sometimes comb her hair all back and tied it into ponytail but sometimes she let few of her front hair loose and tied the rest to the back the interesting part is the way she curl her ponytail and let the upper hair straight. Sammi also put her low ponytail into side swept which add to her feminine figure.

Sammi Hanratty Hair 2012

Sammi Hanratty Hairstyles 2012

Sammi Hanratty 2012

Sammi Hanratty hairstyles in 2012 is mainly loose. Although she sometimes style it into slightly wavy, full wavy, and curl. Her style is soft and feminine. Aside from letting her hair loose, Sammi also tied her hair into ponytail. She put it into side swept. The interesting part from her ponytail is that she curl the ponytail, and letting the hair above straight.