Rihanna Hairstyles 2012

Rihanna, R n B musician are having some extraordinary haircuts and hairstyles that were considered ‘edgy’. Last year we see her and the short haircuts with her long bangs. So what did Rihanna have in this 2012? You see at the picture? Rihanna have some long hair to show us in this year. Let us take a closer inspection on Rihanna Hairstyles 2012.

Rihanna Hairstyles 2012'

Rihanna Haircut


We see Rihanna and her long black colored hair. She sometimes letting her hair loose, long until after her shoulder. At some picture we see her with her slightly wavy hair. It looks soft and feminine on her. At other picture, we see her sporting a full curly hair on either blonde and black hair. This one make her look playful and fun. She also sporting some Japanese styled hair, with high, volumed bun or chignon on her head. This hairstyles is pretty eccentric to try, but if you brave and confident enough, then you can try this one. Another bun that she sport is placed high, or parted into two high bun updo. She even sporting braid. She make a braid on her black hair, parting it into two tail that flows down.

Rihanna Hairstyles

Rihanna Haircut 2012

Rihanna also coloring her hair in blonde. On some occasion we see her and her blonde hair with different style. We can see her sporting ponytail, a high bun, or some messy updo’s. Whatever style that she use, she looks good with it. On her blonde hair, curl looks so good and soft, makes her more beautiful.

Rihanna Hair

Rihanna Hair 2012

So how is your opinion about Rihanna Hairstyles 2012? Do you want to try her soft feminine hairstyles or the eccentric one?

Rihanna 2012


Rihanna hairstyles 2012 is long. She colored her hair in black and in blonde. Her long hair makes a lot of variation of styles. She can sport a bun, with the unique way, and Japanese bun which eccentric. She also have braided hair, and curly loose hair at 2012.