Pierre Alexandre Hairstyles

Pierre Alexandre is the famous and well-known hairdresser. This man was born in Switzerland, but started his career in UK. He starts his career about 50 years ago. From the short biography at his hair gallery website, he was the inventor of unisex hairdressing and foil for highlighting technique. He also handling many of the famous celebrity hairstyles. Such as The Beatles, Rod Stewart, Elizabeth Taylor, Andy Williams and many more.

Pierre Alexandre

Pierre Alexandre Hairstyles

Of course, having a famous name as celebrity hairstylist, makes his works as one of the best reference for your hairstyle. Either it’s for your daily or special event hairstyle, sporting this hairdresser creation will put you out in the spotlight.

Pierre Alexandre Haircut

Pierre Alexandre Haircut 2012

Pierre Alexandre hairstyles have many styles on his collection. As you can see from the picture, his work was fresh and unique. For the ladies, from the long to short hair, Pierre Alexandre hairstyles provided some style that you can impose on your hair. The super straight hair and the one that was curled by curling iron is good for the ladies who want the simple look but still stylish. He also make braided bun, and styled bangs on one of the picture. On the short hair, there was pixie haircut and the one that was looked like faux hawk or layered cut. That was all for the ladies. How about the men out there who want to look stylish with Pierre Alexandre hairstyles?

Pierre Alexandre Hairstyles 2012

Pierre Alexandre Hair

For the men, Pierre offered short hair with its variation. Like in every picture of Pierre hairstyles that we have, you can see that he was playing with his curling iron. Some side of the boys hair was curled in some way like wave. Not only on boys, he have it on girls too. He also make a tight curl on the top of one model’s hair.

So, which Pierre Alexandre hair that will you sport?

Pierre Alexandre Hair 2012

Pierre Alexandre 2012

Pierre Alexandre hairstyles 2012 is for both man and women. His style is unique and fresh. From the long haired to the short haired men and women, he seems to play with his curling iron. Although on some style he make the hair straight and some were pointy and edgy.