Paul Stafford Hairstyles

Paul Stafford is one of a British hairdresser with a good and nice work that will be our topic today. Paul Stafford hairstyles can be sported for both women and man. The hairstyles that he has are ranging from long to short hair, all with his creative touch of hairstyle. For man, his hairstyles are all in the short haircut with the stylish variation.

Paul Stafford Hats

As you can see from the pictures, the women hairstyles are not that edgy or wild, so you can sport it at any occasion but still looked so stylish. On the first, Paul has these loose hairstyles. The loose hair can be in straight condition, wavy or curly. On the long straight hair we can see that he thinned half of the hair down, to create this nice look. At some picture we can also see that the top hair was cut in the bob haircut, but he left long enough hair at both left and right side. These straight loose hairstyles are mostly sleek looking which create chic and elegant look. He also has these side swept ponytail, medium curl hairstyles and short haircut for the ladies. All you can see it from the picture.

Paul Stafford Hairstyles

Paul Stafford hairstyles for boy are mainly short with these two looks, sleek and pointy. He also have this bald hairstyles which in a buzz haircut. As you can see, the short hair on one of the picture was shaped into pointy or spiky looks. These short hairstyles are stylish and nice to look on boys. For the sleek look, he uses this bob haircut and bowl haircut.

Paul Stafford Hairstyles 2012

So what do you think about his creative work? You can try to look at these pictures to give you the bright sight of his work. Well, maybe even considered to sport one of them?

Paul Stafford Hair

Paul Stafford hairstyles can be sported by both genders. For the women hairstyles, he has these long hair, medium and short hairstyles that can be sported at any occasion. For the boys he has short haircut in the pointy and sleek look. The sleek are in the bob haircut and bowl haircut.