Ozzy Osbourne Hairstyles

Ozzy Osbourne is a male celebrity that listed in our hairstyles spotlight. His hairstyles are suited him well as a famous metal singer on his band ‘Black Sabbath’. Being a metal singer, of course you have to look like one of those rock stars right? And so what he did with his hairstyles that showed this rock star look? Watch it on the picture of his hairstyles here.

Ozzy Osbourne Hair 2012

Ozzy Osbourne hairstyles has mainly long hair but changing on the hair shape and color. After you see some of his picture and hairstyle then you will get that messy long hair image on him. Indeed, he have the messy long hair for a long period of time. The color is dark brown. Talking about color, you can see at one picture that he also colored his long hair black and highlight the tip with red color. He have the blonde or yellow color too, but it looks like his natural dark root showing or maybe it’s the dye color that fading.

Ozzy Osbourne Hairstyles 2012

Apart from the messy look, he also have this straight hair that makes his hairstyle looks neat. It seems that he straighten it with the straightening iron to get this look. Whatever it was, his rock star look is really suited both the messy and the neat one. His long hair seemed to be cut in layered haircut. This layered haircut shown well in his straight hair.

So what do you think about this ‘Godfather of Heavy Metal’ hairstyles? Sure it didn’t have significant change to vary his style, but it suited his personality as the metal singer. Well, at the last, enjoy these pictures of Ozzy Osbourne hairstyles.

Ozzy Osbourne hairstyles is mainly long hair. It seems that he doesn’t have drastic change of hairstyles. But have the hair color that vary and add to his ‘metal singer’ persona. His hair seemed to be cut in layered haircut. The hair color that he use is brown, black with red highlights at the tip and blonde or bright yellow color.