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Monica, the R n’ B singer is having a good hairdo’s that we can copy. Because it’s Monica hairstyles 2012, then absolutely we are going to talk about Monica hairstyles in 2012. What have she done with her hair? Do you want to know? Then seeing this picture will make you remember what she have done with her hair on special occasion. She was caught sporting long hair, but sometimes she up to short hair. Well if you really want to take a closer understanding with her hairstyles, then lets talk about it.

Monica looked nice with her long hair. She straighten her hair and let it loose. He put some accessories on hear head. Another style that she use is still letting her hair flow down, but curling half of her hair. She sometimes put it in side swept. She also did some updo. She make a side bun and looked elegant and nice. Another bun that she sport involving braid. Yes, she makes a bun from braided hair. She did put some bangs on her updo’s.

Short hair on Monica have a different style. Bob haircut with super straight hair, which make her more chic and young. Another short haircut that she sport was for her cover album. In that picture, she sporting short, brown hair with bangs that combed to the back. Looked like quiff to me.

So, after you have taken a few Monica hairstyles 2012 a deeper look, then why don’t you try one? Whether on long and feminine hair or short and chic hair, she up to stylish hairstyles and pretty look. So what are you waiting for?

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Monica Hairstyles 2012

Monica Hairstyles 2012 is about Monica hairstyle in 2012. In 2012 she sport a long hair, with either super straight one or wavy one. She also sporting a short hair which looked chic and elegant.