Men’s Layered Haircut For 2012

Want to have some different in your hairstyle? Try this men’s layered haircut for 2012. Just like the name, layered haircut is mean cutting your hair in layer. If you think layered haircut is only for women’s hairstyle, then you got it wrong. Men can also use this style on their hair. This haircut can be applied to your short, medium, and long hair. And its simple to made.

New Men's Layered Hair

Men's Layered

So you decided to use men’s layered haircut for your haircut inspiration. From this pictures we can see this layered haircut in varied styles. On the long hair, your hair that touch the nape of your neck will gradually cut up short to the top. From some pictures we can see that adding bangs or tucking your hair behind your ear and combing your hair to the back add some to the style. That was for the straight hair. If you have curly hair and try this men’s layered haircut for 2012, you can copy from the picture for example. You can see that even curly hair can be stylish and trendy. One thing that we get from this layered haircut is that this haircut style will make your hair looked more thick and adding some volume to your hair. If you have a thin hair, then this layered haircut is for you.

Men's Layered Haircut For 2012

Men's Layered Haircut

Men's Layered Haircut 2012

Short hair can try fading technique. The top of your hair is still long, but the side and the back was cut gradually short to fading down there. Like mohawk style. Or you can try the casual shag hairstyles that cut in long layers. You can try to give your hair gel and shape your short layered hair in pointy or edgy shape. That can give you a really stylish look.

Men's Layered Hair

Men's Layered Hair 2012

Men's Layered 2012

Men’s layered haircut for 2012 can make your thin hair more thick. Layered haircut for men can be applied in long, short or medium hair. Layered haircut cut the hair in layered style. From gradually long to short or short to long.