Medium Wedding Hairstyles for Men

Now, it’s time for the lucky groom to style their hair into good hairstyles for their wedding days. Men loves simple thing to do on appearance. The hairstyles here are all simple and make your appearance cooler on your wedding days. Standing side by side with your bride at the altar makes you a spotlight too, besides your bride. So what do we have here to make your wedding days appearance cooler?

Medium Wedding Hairstyles

Medium Wedding Hairstyles Veils
You can see at the picture there. Medium wedding hairstyles for men can be made on both medium and short hair. The haircut that you can try to sport are wedges haircut, bob haircut, layered haircut, buzz cut, and the other haircut that you can see at the pictures there. If you want to opt for a sleek looking hair, try to look at Leonardo DiCaprio hair there.

Medium Wedding Hairstyles Updos

Medium Wedding Hairstyles Size

He combs his hair to the side and adding some pomade or gel to obtain the look. For the curly hair, letting your hair naturally and comb it a little to tidy it can also be tried. The messy hair, spiky hair, those are masculine and boyish hairstyles to sport on your wedding days, groom.

Medium Wedding Hairstyles for Men

Medium Wedding Hairstyles for Men 2012
If you have medium length hair, consider to add some bangs that make your appearance younger. If your top hair is long enough, you can also try to make it into a quiff. This is classic, but really stylish and cool. You can seek for other inspiration of your medium wedding hairstyles for men at the picture down there. Many cool and stylish hairstyles for the option. Just is who you are and pick the hairstyles that you are confident to sport. Congratulations for being a groom!  Medium Wedding hairstyles for men are good for the groom who wishes to be stylish on the wedding days.

Medium Wedding Hairstyles 2012

Medium Wedding Hairdos

There are some haircut that can be used for this special day, such as wedge haircut, bob haircut, layered haircut and other haircut. These hairstyles can be sported on the short and medium hair, on the curly and straight hair. The sleek and messy look also considered as one of the options.