Medium Celebrity Hairstyles for Men

Hey there men with medium hair, we have nice hairstyles that you can sport with your medium length hair. And we are going to pick the examples from a few male celebrities that we know and also stylish with their medium hairstyles too. Medium celebrity hairstyles for men can be sported at any occasion for you. Besides, they are all so simple and easy to maintain. You can even experimenting new haircuts on your medium hair.

Short Medium Celebrity Hairstyles

Medium Celebrity Hairstyles
As you can see on the picture there, the medium celebrity hairstyles for men can be made in all hair condition, straight, wavy and curly. The curly and wavy hair is giving the medium hair thicker look than the straight one. These hair conditions are also so stylish to be sported. But the negative point on them is that maintaining it to looks good without looking so messy can be difficult.

Medium Celebrity Hairstyles Pics

Medium Celebrity Hairstyles for Men

Orlando Bloom curl can be your good example of the curl on medium hair. Aside from having the curl, he also has this sleek look with his hair all combed back. You can achieve this look with adding some pomade or gel on your hair. Leonardo Dicaprio also has this sleek look, but he combs his hair to the side and looked so stylish with it.

Medium Celebrity Hairstyles Bangs

Medium Celebrity Hairstyles 2012

Other than that, we have Robert Pattinson with his hair. He has a loose curl and straight hair that was also combed back and in the sleek look. The different is that he makes this straight hair volume, like a quiff, but not exactly a quiff. You can see it at the first picture. Zac Efron medium hair is other good example. He has a boyish and stylish look with his hairstyle. He has his layered haircut top hair into messy spiky look, and let the side and the back down and neat.

Best Medium Celebrity Hairstyles

Best Medium Celebrity Hairstyles 2012

There are still more of the male celebrity’s pictures with their stylish hairstyles that you can see here. Right now, the choice is yours. Just make sure you pick the good one that you confident to sport and make your appearance cooler!  Medium celebrity hairstyles for men can be sport in all hair condition, wavy, curly and straight. Some of the celebrities with good medium hairstyles are Robert Pattinson, Zac Efron, Orlando Bloom, and lot of male celebrities on the picture.