Martin Hillier Hairstyles

Martin Hillier is one of the known hairstylists. He was born in U.K. but change his citizenship into Canadian. He won many international awards because of his capability in hair styling. He is also the co-owner of The Lounge Hair Studio that was placed in Vancouver, Canada. The hairstyle that he made is rather unique and lovely at the same time. As you can see yourself from the pictures here, he makes unusual updos that really stunning and stylish. You can sport one of these on the special event. The good thing is Martin have styled both the short and long hair for you to see.

Martin Hillier

The first Martin Hillier hairstyles that was captured here is a loose, super straight hair. As you can see from the picture, the models were sporting straight silky hair. Other are a chignon that were made into a unique look with the front hair is made into a quiff. He also put little pearly hair accessories that lighten the hair look. You see that from the picture right? Martin Hillier hairstyles also have this asymmetric layered cut as seen on the first picture. The orange highlight makes the hair looks so stylish and a bit funk.

Martin Hillier Hairstyles 2012

Apart from the hairstyles above, Martin also make this tight curl hair up. The example is on the picture there. It seems that he either pinned or cut short the side of the girl’s tight hair curl. These hairstyles can suit you, ladies that have the natural frizz like the model’s there.

Martin Hillier Hairstyles

Well, actually there are still a lot of hairstyles that Martin made. But for the instance, you can see at the picture collection here. What’s your opinion about Martin Hillier hairstyles?

Martin Hillier Hair

Martin Hillier hairstyles are rather unique but still stylish and elegant to be sported by the ladies at the special and formal event. He has the short and long hairstyles. On the long hair, he makes the shinny straight hair, and the unique shape of chignon with quiff.