Mark Smith Hairstyles

Mark Smith is a famous hairstylist, and we are going to look at his creative work. He made hairstyles for man and women. But he mostly works on male’s hairstyles than with women hairstyles. And that is why he has an award winning in the male hairstyles. So, if you are a boy who looking for a good hairstyles, you come into the right place. For the women, don’t worry, he has a few of feminine and soft women hairstyles that can be sported anywhere and anytime.

Mark Smith Hairstyles

Because he has mainly male hairstyles, we will talk about it first. Mark Smith hairstyles for male are between short and medium. He has wedge haircut, faux hawk, bob haircut and the layered haircut. The variations that he adds into these haircuts are the sleek look, messy look, carefree look, and the last is the spiky look. All of them are so stylish and so unique that will make your appearance different from any other man. You can see from the picture there how he arranged the short hair into a good shape of haircut, hair color and also the look. He also varied the bangs with some asymmetrical cut and adds some quiff on one of his faux hawk.

Mark Smith Hairstyles 2012

For the ladies hairstyles, Mark has these loose hairstyles and updos. As you can see from the pictures, Mark makes creative updos that will change your appearance into elegant lady. Especially with those sleek looks. He also has the messy look for women, in which he arranged some curly loose strands to the back to make this effect.

Mark Smith Hairdresser

If you aren’t satisfied yet, why don’t you just see at the pictures here? All of them was created by Mark Smith and have the different cool looks on them.

Mark Smith Hair

Mark Smith hairstyles are so diverse. He made hairstyles for men and women. He mostly makes men hairstyles. He also has stylish choose of hair color, haircuts and hair look for the boys. The haircuts that he uses are wedges haircut, bob haircut, faux hawk and some layered haircuts.