Malcolm Edwards Hairstyles

Malcolm Edwards is another hair stylist that will be our topic today. Edward is so well-known when it comes to styling models and celebrities hair and for the photography purposes. One of the celebrities that he styled is Lady Gaga. When I said Lady Gaga you must be remembering her eccentric appearance right? That is what Malcolm Edwards’s hairstyle is. Unique, edgy, eccentric and a few people may consider it as weird.

Malcolm Edwards Hairstyles

So, what Malcolm Edwards hairstyle that we have on the picture? You see those hairstyles? A bit crazy eh? Yep. But that was what made his hairstyle is different from the other. One of Malcolm Edwards’s hairstyles that we have on the picture is of a girl with her side swept loose hair. Her hair is curled in a stylish way. Another loose hairstyle that he has is on the next picture. Both in the wavy and straight hair. Aside from that he also have ponytails and twisted updos.

Malcolm Edwards Hairstyles 2012

I’ve said before that Malcolm Edward have the eccentric way of styling hair. The list up there is the normal hairstyles from him. Now, take a look at the picture there. We see that he made a braided bun that placed up high. He shaped and arranged it in some way that other hairstylists haven’t does. Other picture show us the girl with the tip of her hair braided. Just the tip of it. And the last he have the girl with the messy hair in the black with the strands of white color on it.

Malcolm Edwards Hair

There are still many of his work that you can either see from here of from anywhere else. And to make your curious mind about his work fulfilled, check up the pictures that we provided here!

Malcolm Edwards 2012

Malcolm Edwards hairstyles are unique, eccentric, edgy and really stylish. But he also have the ponytail, and twisted updos that was considered normal. The extreme hairstyles that he made is the messy hair with the black and strands of white color.