Long Wedding Hairstyles for Women

Long hair for wedding hairstyles is having all the advantages. All styles can be sported by you, bride everywhere. Who don’t want to look beautiful on their wedding days? I bet you all want to give the maximal appearance on that day. Long wedding hairstyles for women can give you some insight or ideas about your wedding hairstyles. There are lots of styles in it that suit your long hair, and can give your appearance some difference.

Long Wedding Hairstyles

Long Wedding Hairstyles with Flower

As you can see from the picture, you can let the long hair loose. The loose hairstyles are still being a good choice for the brides. On the loose hair, you can always style your hair into the straight one, the half curl, the half wave, full curl, full wave, anything you want. You can also put it in side swept which makes your looks sweeter and stunning. Add some silky or sparkling head bands can make your appearance more beautiful and stylish. Your long hair can also be made into a side swept ponytail. Keeping the ponytail straight or curling it a bit can be tried also.

Long Wedding Hairstyles Headband

Long Wedding Hairstyles Half Up
Other than that you can always make a side swept fishtail braids. Fishtail braid is kind of traditional but sweet and nice to sport on wedding days. Especially when it put on side swept. Updos can be tried on your hairstyles too.

Long Wedding Hairstyles Down

Long Wedding Hairstyles 2012

Some updos that are stunning and elegant to be sport by a bride is a curled bun. You can place the bun elsewhere that you prefer. Aside from that, you can make this high volume chignon, double bun, and other updos that you can see from the pictures there.

Long Wedding Hairstyles for Women

Long Wedding Hairstyles for Women 2012

Long wedding hairstyles for women are so diverse and stylish to sport. The option is loose hairstyles, ponytail, fishtail braid, and some updos. The loose hair can be styled into straight, wavy or curl condition. The ponytail and fishtail braid is more good if put in the side swept. And the updos that can be tried is the curled bun, high volume chignon, and other updos on the picture.