Long Pageant Hairstyles for Little Girls

Being in a pageant contest is about high competition. Because of that we are going to help you with our few ideas about your little girl’s hairstyles. Hope that this can help you and give you some insight for your little girl’s long pageant hairstyles. So what do we have here? In the picture you can see that you can let your kid’s hair loose, ponytail, chignon, and half dos. That was really basic and traditional hairstyles. But, as you can see yourself from the picture, they make the hair of their little girls with creativity which make a unique view and of course, beautiful to compete in beauty contest.

Little Girls

On the first we have bun and its modification. This long pageant hairstyles for little girl is the most elegant and have a wide range of modification. Bun or chignon can be combined too with half dos. What you need is your little girl’s own long hair. You can tied your little girl’s half upper hair first, and then make the bun from that hair. If you love to add more variation with your kid’s hair, then the half down can be curled.

Long Pageant Hairstyles for Little Girls 2012

Aside from bun, we can tie our kid’s hair into a ponytail. This is simple and still looked feminine and pretty. If you prefer to keep your kid’s natural hair, then this style is suited you. Place the ponytail to the mid side or low side and put it in side swept. Soft and simple for your kid’s hair right? Parting your kid’s hair to the side and pinned the hair with bobby pins is also nice.

Long Pageant Hairstyles for Little Girls

So what do you think? Look at the pictures here if you think the option is too few. See there? There are plenty of variation and modification that you can see from the pictures. Just make sure your little girl’s comfortable with her long pageant hairstyles.

Little Girls Hairstyles

Long pageant hairstyles for little girls are full of unique modification and variation. The basic hairstyles that we can develop to a feminine and unique hairstyle are ponytail, bun or chignon, loose and half updos. Combination between bun and half updos is good too.