Long Celebrity Hairstyles for Men

Some male celebrities with long hair can be an inspiration for the men out there with long hair. Men hairstyles are usually simple and easy to maintain. That is different when it comes to long hair. Keeping your long hair with a good hair product can make your hair more shiny and healthy to sport these cool long hairstyles just like our celebrity here.

Long Celebrity Hairstyles

On the first, we see David Beckham with his long hair tied into a ponytail. This can be tried to in your hair. Making ponytail is so easy and didn’t need too much effort. Simple but cool. He also has half of his upper hair into ponytail and let the other half fall down carelessly. Other example that you can see is coming from Brad Pitt. As you know, he has showed up with his long hair lately. You can try his long hair that was cut in layered haircut and then you’ll see some difference in your looks. Brad Pitt also has this medium hair with his hair styled in carefree wavy look.

Long Celebrity Hairstyles for Men

You can refer to Johny Depp too if you like his style. Johny long hair is so interesting and can be considered as his own preference of hairstyles. Other than that, you can try to make your hair like in the reggae community, just like what you see at the picture down there. Maintaining this one is kind of difficult and heavy to sport, but if you like it, these things won’t be a barrier to you. You can also have this afro hairstyles and some tight curl on your hair that will makes you look awesome.

Long Celebrity Hairstyles for Men 2012

So what do you think about these hairstyles? Pretty cool, eh? Then what are you waiting for?

Long Celebrity Hairstyles 2012

Long celebrity hairstyles for men are so simple but still cool and stylish. Men can try to let their long hair loose, make it into ponytail or half ponytails. Making your hair into reggae look can be tried too. Afro and full tight curl on your hair can be considered as a good variation on your hair.