Lauren Conrad Hairstyles 2012

Lauren Katherine Conrad is an American television personality, author and fashion designer. And she is our next hairstyles talk. She has sweet and feminine hairstyles which suited any ladies out there who want to look like her. From the picture there, it seems that she loves to put her hair into braid. Another hairstyles that she was caught sporting in many occasion is her bun. Alright, rather than talking some of it here, why not we read other hairstyles that she sported here?

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad hairstyles are so girly and feminine. I’ve told you that before on the above. And what do you think after seeing her hairstyles?  You must be agreed with the feminine word that I’ve said right? Okay, on the first we have her with these loose hair hairstyles. Sporting this hairstyle doesn’t need much effort. What you have to prepare is your long hair, and then styled it just like her. Her loose hair is like what other girls do, waved it a bit, or curled it at the tip, to make this soft effect on her figure.

Lauren Conrad Haircut

Other than letting her hair loose she also tied her hair into ponytails. All of the ponytails that she sport are tied up high to keep her hair away from her neck. And these hairstyles can be a good trick to shoe your beautiful neck and shows it. She also caught sporting braided hair in many occasion. She mostly braided her hair in fishtail braid. The single fishtail braid that she sport is put in side swept. Other than this singe fishtail braid, she also have double fishtail braid, which makes her look so childish but sweet and cute.

Lauren Conrad Haircut 2012

Lauren Conrad Hair

Lauren Conrad 2012

There are many of Lauren Conrad hairstyles that you can see here. Updos included. She has this simple hair bun that makes her so feminine and pretty. You can see it yourself in the picture. So what your opinion about her hair?

Lauren Conrad Hairstyles

Lauren Conrad Hairstyles Updo


Lauren Conrad Hairstyles 2012

Lauren Conrad hairstyles 2012 are fishtail braid, ponytail, loose hair, and hair bun which all of them is so feminine and gorgeous on her. She looks so cute with her fishtail braid. Both the single fishtail braid and the double fishtail braid.