Kristen Stewart Hairstyles 2012

Kristen is an American actress that recognized with the booming of her movies, Twilight. As an actress, she has a lot of hairstyles that you can copy and apply at your hair. Mainly Kristen Stewart hairstyles are simple and some were quite unique but still stylish. She has both long hair and medium long. So what did she do with her hair and how many variation that you can try?

Kristen Stewart New Hair

You can see from all the pictures that we presented to you that Kristen Stewart hairstyles are mainly letting it loose. She has both the straight hair and wavy hair. Sometimes she also change her hair into half wavy too. Side swept is what she did to varied her loose hair. One thing that we can see from her loose hair is that she never put bangs on it.

Kristen Stewart

Aside from her loose hairstyles, she has half updos too. Just like traditional half updos, she tied it casually and gives a relaxed look on her. Other than that, Kristen also makes her hair into ponytail and tied it up high. Kristen was caught at some occasion sporting updos. Her updos are both bun and twisted updos.  The bun that she sport are messy bun and the other bun is not sleek, but much more neat and tidy than her messy bun. Other updos that she has is a twisted updos which looked so unique because her hair was braided and pulled up into zigzag shape. So beautiful and creative.

Kristen Stewart Hair

Kristen Stewart Hair 2012

Kristen Stewart 2012

Well, now the decision is up to you. You can choose to sport her simple hairstyles or not, but to give you some entertainment, here is her pictures with her hairstyle too, of course.

Kristen Stewart New Hairstyles 2012

Kristen Stewart Hairstyles

Kristen Stewart Hairstyles 2012

Kristen Stewart hairstyles are simple and some were really unique and creative. She have loose hair hairstyles, ponytail, half updos and two updos, such as bun and twisted updos. She has both messy bun and simple bun which looked more tidy and neat. Her twisted updos is the one that was creative. Her braided hair was shaped into zigzag and was really nice to see.