Kelly Osbourne Hairstyles

Still from Osbourne kingdom, we have the daughter hairstyle, Kelly Osbourne, to put into our topic. Kelly Osbourne hairstyles have lot of variation on every side. Whether it’s her hair color, her haircut, or her hairstyles that she sport on some occasion. Her hairstyles is somewhat eccentric and unique. Just look at the picture down below. You see it right?

Kelly  Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne Hairstyles

Kelly Osbourne hairstyle on the first list is loose hair. She has done it with her long hair, medium hair and short hair. On her medium hair she let her hair loose added with some frizz at the tip. With her long hair, she only put hair accessories that looked like a ribbon. Aside from that, she also have a few updos that looked great on her. Such as chignon and bun. She have a double bun that placed up high just like in Cinderella story. She added some black ribbon to lighten up her appearance. At other pictures we see that Kelly updos were combined with her hair that shaped into a ribbon. This one is so fabulous and stunning to sport.

Kelly Osbourne Hair Color

Kelly Osbourne Hairstyles Short Hair

The hair color that Kelly play are silver, ash blonde, brunette, soft pink, black. It seems like she loves to experiment with her hair color. Although I didn’t see her using and playing with highlight. Instead she colored her hair in one color. Sometimes she add the color shades to make her hair more shaped.

Kelly Osbourne Hairstyles 2012

Kelly Osbourne Hair

Kelly Osbourne hair can be put as your hairstyles list if you like her style. Just be brave and confident if you dare to sport her bright hair color. One thing that you have to pay attention to her updos. Her updos is so stunning and suited you well on formal occasion or party.

Kelly Osbourne Hair 2012

Kelly Osbourne 2012

Kelly Osbourne hairstyles is about Kelly hairdos a few years back up until now. Kelly have experimented with her hair color. Such as silver, blonde, brunette, soft pink, and black. She use just one solid color to put on her hair. Her updos is so stunning and stylish. Such as her double high bun, and the way she use her hair in ribbon shape and put it as hair accessories.