Katty Perry Hairstyles 2012

Katty Perry. Who doesn’t know her? Katty Perry is a famous singer and we are going to talk about her right here, right now. But we are going to exclusively talking about her hair. Yes, Katty Perry hairstyles in 2012. As you know, she have a unique sense of hairstyles. Although sometimes she sport a usual and traditional hairdos, but we can never forget something weird and unique from her hair. We are showing you the picture and images of her and her hairstyles and let you take the good choice by yourself.

You already know that she has a solid colored hair. This is a part of her hair that will make every people head turn around. That was supported by her hairstyles choice. As you can see, she mainly choose blue and its shades plus purple. Although at one picture you can see her dyeing her hair in soft pink, like a cotton candy. See again another picture. She was highlighting her hair in purple and blue that was tied into a high ponytail.

Katty Perry hairstyles 2012 is letting it loose, chignon, bun, bob layered haircut, curly, and on the ponytails. Katty Perry and her short layered haircut is having varied style. She mostly letting her short hair loose and straight, but sometimes she curl it into a slightly wavy or curly at the tip. That was all in blue colored hair. One in soft pink color. With chignon, she made a good chignon which was cool looking, and she arrange her bangs into some weird way. That needs a little bit of good technique. You can see at the pictures here, she is sporting a neat and tidy bun. Some were sleek looking.

So, what do you think about Katty Perry hairstyles in 2012?

Katty Perry New Hairstyle 2012

Katty Perry New Hairscut 2012

Katty Perry Hairstyles

Katty Perry Hairstyles 2012

Katty Perry Hairscut

Katty Perry Hairscut 2012

Katty Perry Bob Hairscut

Katty Perry Bob Hairscut 2012

Katty Perry hairstyles 2012 is about Katty Perry hairdos in 2012. She have a good styles on her hair, which was bun, chignon, and short layered cut. When her hair was long, she letting it loose, and add some loose curl on her hair. That was same at her short layered haircut, she also wear a wavy and curl at the tip. The main color of Katty Perry hair is blue and its shades, plus some purple color. She has some weird looking bangs that came along with good chignon.