Katie Holmes Hairstyles 2012

Katie Holmes is an actress who played as Joey Potter in the Dawson’s Creek serial. And you already know what we are going to talk about? Yes, we are going to talk about Katie Holmes hairstyles in 2012. So what did Katie do with her hairstyles? As you can see it, Katie seems to keep her long hair and choose to vary her style with her long hair. She has ponytail, a few updos and a loose hair.

Katie Holmes Hairstyles

Katie Holmes loose hair is straight and sultry. She look so sexy with only let her hair loose. She let her hair loose naturally and gives this carefree look. But at some pictures, we see Katie with her neat loose hair and she put bangs on her forehead. She sports a stylish hairdo when adding bangs on her loose hair.

Katie Holmes Hairstyles 2012

Next, we have Katie with her ponytail hairstyles. The ponytails that she sport are the traditional one, simple and less effort. She sometimes uses the hair tie trick, in which you covered up your hair tie with your own hair. Her ponytail is placed everywhere that she prefer. Sometimes we see her ponytail tied on her head side and then proceed to put her ponytail into side swept. She also tied her hair up high, away from the nape of her neck. Fishtail braid is other hairstyles that she sported too.

Katie Holmes Hairscut

Aside from the hairstyles above, we can see Katie Holmes sporting a loose bun. She also put this bun elsewhere she likes. We can see that she left a few strands of loose hair with her bun that gives this sexy, soft and feminine look. Sometimes her bun is so loose that it gives us the messy look.

Well, that is all about Katie Holmes hairstyles that I can told to you. You better check out her pictures here, along with those hairstyles that she sports and then see what you can copy from her hairstyles. If you want to look stylish, sexy and feminine and the same time, then why don’t you try her simple hairstyles?

Katie Holmes Hairscut 2012

Katie Holmes hairstyles are ponytail, updos, and letting her hair loose. Her hairstyles are so sexy and stylish although it’s so simple to make it. On her loose hair, she looks so pretty when added some bangs on her forehead. On the ponytail, she have high height ponytail and low side which so stylish and nice to look at.