Jessica Alba Hairstyles 2012

Jessica Alba is an American television and film actress. Her contribution in the movie industry of course makes her the famous actress. So what about her hairstyles? Jessica Alba hairstyles in 2012 is sweet and feminine. Her hair is simple to make but elegant. So to not let you waiting any longer, lets us talk about it.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba Hairstyles

Just like any girl, she sported a loose hair, ponytail, half updos, braid, and bun. What a complete list for the soft and simple hairstyles right? Our first talk is about her loose hair. Jessica loose hair is straight and sometimes she wave it a bit to make it softer. She also put it in side swept. And then there is Jessica ponytail. She sported high, low and center ponytail at any occasion. Whether its messy, careless ponytail or the neat one, she have them all. She looks beautiful with this hairstyles.

Jessica Alba Hairstyles Long 2012

Jessica Alba Hairstyles Short

Jessica Alba Hairstyles 2012

Aside from that, Jessica also put her hair into half updos. As you can see from the picture there, she pulled one side of her upper half hair and then pin it with cute accessories. This way she looked so relaxed but stylish at the same time. Alright, so we reach the bun part. She sport the braided bun, messy bun, and neat bun just like what we see from the picture. She can put it very high or down low just like what she prefer. Whatever shape and style of her bun, she looks so gorgeous with this bun hairstyles.

Jessica Alba Hair

Jessica Alba Hair 2012

Jessica Alba Hairstyles 2012 are loose hair, ponytail, half updos, braid and bun. Her style is feminine, elegant and simple. On her loose hair, she likes to put it in side swept. She also sported ponytail that comes in low, high or center height. Her ponytail can be both messy and neat at different occasion. She also pulled half of her upper hair and pinned it with cute accessories. Bun also other alternatives that she has. Hers can be braided bun, messy bun and neat bun.