Japanese Hairstyles for Men

Japanese hairstyles are ‘in’ right now. And for those who love Japanese stuff, perhaps changing your hair into Japanese hairstyles for men will make you look bold in what you like. And for those who didn’t, trying these Japanese hairstyles will give your hair a fresh and new look. So what do we have on these Japanese hairstyles for men?

Japanese Hairstyles

If you are the men with medium or long hair, these Japanese hairstyles will make you look more stylish in your long hair. As you can see from the picture there, many Japanese men were cutting their hairstyles in layered haircuts. When you have a long natural straight hair, this will be really good hairstyles for you. Those hairstyles can be arranged in messy look or bed hair look to make your appearance more sexy and alluring for the ladies. Other than that there are these short hairstyles. Faux hawk is one of them.

Japanese Hairstyles 2012

Japanese Hair

Japanese Haircut

These hairstyles are also worn by the Japanese men. Faux hawk can make your look more wild and stylish. You could leave a much longer hair on the top if you like, and then arrange it into pointy shape. Other short hairstyles that they have are buzz cut, and flattop which is simpler but still up to date. Aside from that, there is this edgy hairstyle, the undercut hairstyles which is also worn by the Japanese men. You can also keep your hair long and tied it into ponytail. Don’t worries about ponytail, men can still look masculine with their ponytail right?

Japanese Hairstyles for Men Long

So, what do you think about these Japanese hairstyles for men? Stylish and nice to sport by you right? Just make sure you choose the one that suited your face profile and your hair condition too. You can pick the picture here for your reference, and go straight up to your barbershop.

Japanese Hairstyles for Men

Japanese Hairstyles for Men Short

Japanese Hairstyles for Men 2012

Japanese hairstyles for men are varied and diverse. Long, medium and short hair is in these Japanese hairstyles. The haircut that used was layered haircuts. For the short hair, there are this buzz cut and flattop, and some stylish and wild faux hawk to be tried.