Jada Smith Hairstyles

Jada Pinkett Smith is an American celebrities. She is the wife of the actor Will Smith. As a celebrities, of course Jada Smith have her own taste to do her hair. So, we are here to talk about it. Jada Smith hairstyles. You see at the images presented here? She looks so lovely with her long black hair. Both with the curly style and straight. What else did she have on her hair? Okay then, lets follow our review.

Jada Smith

Jada Smith Hairstyles

Jada Smith hairstyles on her straight hair are smooth and loose. She let it flow down naturally. At one of her pictures on red carpet, she let her super straight hair down and pinned her bangs to the back to make some little quiff. At the other time she seems to blow off her straight hair so it looks fluffy and floating. It give her hair some volume. Other style that she used on her hair is a ponytail. High ponytail for exact. Her straight hair are really suit her well. She looks so sexy with this high ponytail style. She also up to half up half down dos. Again in her straight hair. A bun or chignon at some picture also added to the list of Jada Smith hairstyles.

Jada Smith Hairstyles 2012

Jada Smith Hair

Jada Smith Hair Care

There is still one style that Jada sport. Her tight curl, afro hairstyles that give her a super volumed hair look. Her tight curl are flowing and big. Framing her face perfectly. Although I think, to keep a good care and maintaining such a big amount of curl will be very tiring. Nevertheless, she looks good with it. At other times, we see that Jada cutting the volumed look with the waving hair. This style is nice to try too.

Jada Smith Hair Care 2012

Jada Smith Hair 2012

Jada Smith 2012

Jada Smith hairstyles were both straight and curly. Other times wavy. She let her hair loose, tied it into a ponytail, half up and half down dos, and a formal sleek looking bun or chignon. At some of the picture Jada make her straight hair more volumed and she add some bangs to it.