Haifaa Wahby Hairstyles

Haifaa Wahby is a Lebanese model, actress, and singer. She is also on the second place as a Miss Lebanon. Well, this beautiful lady is having a good but simple hairstyle too that can make her as our role model of hairstyles. The question right now is about what hairstyles that she sport right? And how simple? We have these pictures here to relish your curiosity about Haifaa Wahby hairstyles, and we also add some of the description of her hairstyles below.

Haifaa Wahby

Haifaa Wahby 2012

Haifaa Wahby first hairstyles is loose hair. This traditionally hairstyle is sported by her in many occasion. To make her appearance more sweet and feminine she put her loose hair in side swept. And her loose hair is usually curled or waved with curling iron. You can see it yourself at the picture. But beside her curl and wavy loose hair, she also have the straight that was put in side part and a hair accessory.

Haifaa Wahby Husband

Haifaa Wahby Hair

Haifaa Wahby hairstyles also include half updos. Just like usual half updos, she tied half of her upper hair and let the rest fall down. She only add a tiny quiff and a little bit of curl at the back to sweeten her hairstyle. Apart from that, Haifa also tied her hair into ponytail in her straight hair that makes her look so stylish. She made a side ponytail too, and covered the hair tie with her hair that makes her ponytail looks so stylish and trendy.

Haifaa Wahby Wedding

Haifaa Wahby Pics

So that was all about her hairstyles. You can see at the picture here for more inspiring simple hairstyles from Haifa Wahby. The nice thing from her hairstyle is that it was simple and all of you could try to copy her. Finally, enjoy our picture collection of her!

Haifaa Wahby Hairstyles

Haifaa Wahby Hairstyles 2012

Haifaa Wahby hairstyles is mainly loose hair. She styled her loose hair in curl, wavy, and straight hair. Aside from that there was ponytail and half updos too. All of her hairstyles is quiet simple and easy to style it by yourself, but she still looks so sexy and stylish with those simple hair.