Fab Hairstyles 2012

Decided to make your hair look different than usual? Try to play with highlights. Highlighting your hair can add something different to your hair but still make it stylish. From the soft highlight to the extreme and rebel look, this fab hair highlights will help you decide what highlights will suit your hair and your personality. Especially what color that ‘in’ for 2012. So let us begin the highlights talk.

The color that you can use to make a soft highlights on your hair are soft red, blonde or brunette. For a bold highlights, use blue, pink, green, orange and purple color. Those color with different shade for your highlights will make some fun look with you. If you opt for the soft one, try ombre hairstyles. Ombre is from french language which mean “shaded like a gradient”. This hairstyles combine the dark tone to the lighter shade for highlights. This can make you look sexy and pretty. The color that can be used for ombre hairstyles are blonde and brunette with it shades. Another color that you can apply to your soft highlight is soft pink, red with its dark shade, soft purple and other soft shades from bright colors. You can apply it to the tip of your hair or put it on your hair strands.

Next, we have a bold highlights. For this bold highlights, you can choose to coloring one strands of our hair with color that you prefer from blue, pink, green, orange and purple. If you like to play with color, then why don’t try to combine them? You can pick bright purple, blue and pink, and apply it at your hair. This one can make you look more brave and fun but stylish. Or you can play with bright green and blue, and put it on your hair.

Fab Hair 2012

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Fab Hair Highlights 2012

Fab Hairstyles Women

Fab hair highlights for 2012 is for women who want to highlight their hair with color that was provided. For the soft highlights, we have ombre hairstyles and some special soft color to make the highlights appear soft and pretty. For the bold highlights, we have blue, green, pink, orange, and purple color. Playing with this bold color can make you looked more fun and stylish.