Eveline Charles Hairstyles

Who is Eveline Charles? Eveline Charles is a CEO and founder of EvelinCharles salons, spa, beauty MD and academy. She is well-known in the Canadian salon and the spa industry. She is also a hairstylist. From the pictures you can see her hairstyle collection. For the formal occasion to the casual she have all the styles. Eveline Charles hairstyles not only for the ladies, but also for the boys. If you considered some change to your hair styles, then why don’t try this? Check out once more at the picture and decide the one that suit you.

Eveline Charles

Eveline Charles 2012

Lets us talk about the hairstyle for the girls first. Eveline Charles have some elegant style for those who are going to go to formal and special occasion. She use updo for the long haired women. As you can see from the picture, she made some chignon and curl updo. Add a pretty headbands, then you are ready to go to your party. The other style for the long hair is to letting it loose and curl the half bottom, or keeping it straight and smooth.

Eveline Charles Hair Salon

Eveline Charles Hair 2012

Another style that Eveline Charles hairstyles offer is a slick short hair. She cut the short hair in layers and make it sleek. Some other were made messy and asymmetric. You can even cut your hair in the ladder step shape if you like.

Eveline Charles Hairstyles

Eveline Charles Hair Salon 2012

For the men, Eveline Charles hairstyles has the short haircut and cool styles for you. Your short hair will be cut out in layers. Whether it is super short and slick, or some edgy style with layered cut, your hair will be charming and cool.

Eveline Charles Hairstyles 2012

Eveline Charles Hair

Eveline Charles Hairstyles were good for your hairstyles reference. She has lots of style to offer. For the boys and the girls. And from the long hair to short hair. The option open from short with sleeky look, short with layered cut and messy, long with sleekness too, or long with some curl and made into updos. For the boys, this style only offered short hair. And same from before, the option up for the sleek and tidy to pointy and edgy look.