Eva Longoria Hairstyles 2012

Eva Longoria is one of the American actresses. And today, we are going to spot her for her hairstyles. She has many variations of hairstyles that she sport, but all of them were really simple. She has a lot of updos too, which is so elegant and feminine on her. She also loves to put quiff on every hairstyle that she sport. But sometimes she also let her bangs down too.

Lauren Conrad Haircut

So what hairstyles that Eva has? Eva Longoria hairstyle on the first is loose hair. Her loose hair is depended on her way of styling it. She sometimes put a slightly wave on her hair, but never the full curl. And like what I’ve said before, she also loves to put some quiff on her hair. Her quiff was not that volumed, but enough to differentiate her from the usual traditional loose hair. She looks so stylish with that quiff.

Lauren Conrad Hairstyles 2012

Other than letting her hair loose, ponytail and braid have a place in Eva Longoria hairstyles. She has this high tied ponytail which shows her neck and makes her appearance more appealing and pretty. She has braid too, and this braid was put in the side swept. What’s sweeter than putting your braid on the side swept? For the updos, she has many updos style that you can try to copy. All of them were really nice and elegant for you to see. She placed some of her bun low and neat. Some of them were mid center, but never too high. Eva Longoria also put some quiff on her updos. With a nice bun on the back and the quiff on the top, she looks so elegant and suited to go to the formal occasion.

Lauren Conrad Haircut 2012

Lauren Conrad Hair

Lauren Conrad 2012

Well, there’s still many of her hairstyles that you can see at the pictures below. Make sure you check them all before you apply her hairstyles on your hair. You don’t want to miss good and simple hairstyles from her right?

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad Hairstyles

Lauren Conrad Hairstyles Updo

Eva Longoria hairstyles are so elegant, feminine and half of them were really easy to do. She has loose hair hairstyles, ponytail, braid, and two updos that she sported along with her quiff. It seems that she loves quiff, because she put her quiff on every hairstyles that she sported.