Cool Wedge Cut Hairstyles for Man

Bored with your hairstyles? Then why don’t you change it into a new hairstyle? This cool wedge cut hairstyles for man can be applied to your hair. Whether it’s long, short or just medium, you can put this wedge haircut on your hair. For those who didn’t know, wedge haircut is originally come from skater Dorothy Hamill. The wedge cut itself is cutting the hair of the nape short with the layers growing longer as they touch the crown head. Different from the layered bob haircut, wedge haircut is cut in different length thus making a great shape of hair. So what do we have in our gallery of wedge hairstyles? Take a look at the pictures here and you’ll see.

Wedge Cut Hairstyles

Wedge Cut Hairstyles 2012

Modern wedge cut hairstyles for man is not only like the rule above. You can see this cool wedge cut hairstyles for man at the picture right? There are lots of option that you can take if you considered to use this wedge cut hairstyles. Like bowl cut on that picture. The hair on the side and the nape of the neck is shaved revealing the scalp. But the symmetric bowl cut was left on top. This one is looked really rebellious in my opinion.

Wedge Cut Hairstyles For Men

Wedge Cut Hair

Other hairstyle can be seen there. You see, wedge cut is more cool if you put it in the messy attire. Straight hair is more suited to cut their hair into this wedge cut hairstyles because straight hair can make the cool cut more visible and straight hair is easy to maintain with this wedge hairstyles.

Wedge Cut Hair Pics

Wedge Cut Hair 2012

Aside from letting it in the messy look, you can appear less messy too. Just look at the picture here and you will get what I’m talking about. You can opt to let your bangs long. So, have you figured it out what hairstyles that you will do?

Cool Wedge Cut Hairstyles for Man

Cool Wedge Cut Hair

Cool wedge cut hairstyles for man is really good to try for that man who want to appear more stylish. Wedge cut is cutting the back short and gradually growing longer when it near the crown head. There are reverse wedge cut too. Wedge cut is more nice in straight hair and in the messy attire.