Cool and Trendy Celebrity Short Haircuts

Celebrity short haircuts are always great to look at. Whether it was Demi Moore in Ghost or Anne Hathaway at the red carpet recently, we loved seeing how stylish and trendy they looked. Short haircuts have always been popular among celebrities. And since the celebrities got them, the fans followed too! A lot of people copy the celebrity haircuts and there is no doubt they look good. Let’s take a look at some of the most memorable celebrity hair cuts.

Trendsetting celebrity short haircuts

Did you know why Halle Berry got a short hair cut? She apparently wanted to stand out from all the girls she met during auditions who looked the same with their long, curly locks. Berry chopped off her mane only to land her first acting job in two weeks! We all loved her chic hairstyle when she accepted the Oscars rather tearfully. Then, we have the legendary Demi Moore. In the late 80s and early 90s girls went overboard trying to get hair like Demi’s. And in recent times, we’ve had quite a few celebrities experiment with short hairstyles. Celebrity short hairstyles were made popular by people like Natalie Portman, who after shaving her head for a role, sported some very trendy styles. Anne Hathaway is the latest person to join the short hair wagon as she now wears her hair much above her shoulder.

Celebrity Short Haircuts
Celebrity Short Haircuts1
Celebrity Short Haircuts2

If you are looking to a short haircut like a celebrity, you must remember a few things. A haircut suits a particular type of face shape. So if you think your face cut resembles that of a celebrity, you will most likely look good if you get a similar haircut. Look at pictures of celebrity short haircuts and speak to your stylist and then select the perfect haircut for yourself.