Ciara Hairstyles 2012

Ciara is a R n B singer with a gorgeous long hair. Her long hair is having a different color just like what you see at the pictures there. Her hair color is also changing from blonde to brunette, but all the colors were actually makes her appearance more sexy and stylish. Not much hairstyles changes that she do in 2012, but Ciara hairstyles 2012 is more into this simple loose hairstyles. Sometimes we can see her wit ponytail and some hat on it, but most of the time and at many occasions Ciara was caught in her simple and pretty loose hair hairstyles.

Ciara Hairstyles

Ciara loose hairstyles are changing if you pay attention to the detail. You see, she has parted her hair into two ways, side part and center part. At one picture, we see her combed and part her hair from the side right above her ear. And then she let the rest of her upper hair makes a natural bang. Well, that is kind of creative too. Her wavy hair is also one of the variations that she has. She have straight hair also, and a loose curl at the tip of her hair.

Ciara Hairstyles 2012

The hair color that you can see at Ciara hair is dark black at the root and then blend contrastly with her blonde or brunette hair. Well, actually the black color is her natural hair and the remaining of her blonde add nice color play for her.

Ciara Hair

So, what do you think about her hairstyle? You can consider to copy her hair color too if you prefer. Whatever it is, Ciara was looked so good with her loose hair because her hair was so healthy and shiny. You can achieve this healthy hair too if you use good hair product.


Ciara hairstyles 2012 are mainly loose. There are not much hairstyles change in this year. Sometimes she hide her hair under hat and tied it into ponytail. She has unique hair color, the dark root of her natural hair blend with her blonde and brunette.