Chinese Hairstyles for Men

Chinese hairstyles for men are good hairstyles alternatives for you, gentlemen. The hairstyles that offered here is diverse and ranging from the medium hair to the short hair, so you can surf through this picture and see which one will look good on your hair. Whether you are going to keep your medium hair or chop it off with these Chinese hairstyles for men, you will look stylish with it.

New Chinese Hairstyles

So, like you have figured it out on the pictures there, there are many short hairstyles that you see there. One of them is the faux hawk. You can arrange it pointing straight up, or pointing to the other side to make the variation. You can colored the top hair different from your natural hair color to make this stylish and unique look. If you don’t like that, then try to let your hair grew long enough, make the pointy look on the back and the side, but let the bangs straight and sleek. This is quite unique to wear at any occasion.

Chinese Hairstyles for Men

Aside from that, you can cut off your hair in the layered haircut or wedges haircut that makes your look more attractive. If you have the straight hair, arranging it into sleek or pointy look will make a huge different. Other than that you can try the crew cut which is really short but in the same length. There are this undercut too for the man with medium hair.

Chinese Hairstyles for Men 2012

Chinese Hairstyles 2012


There are still many examples that you can see from the picture there. If you are already picked one that you like, then why you just go straight up at your barbershop? I guarantee that you will look so stylish sporting any hairstyles that offered here.

Cool Chinese Hairstyles for Men

Chinese Hairstyles

Chinese Hairstyles for Men Short

Chinese hairstyles for men are for both short and medium hair. The haircuts that can be used are wedge haircut and layered haircut. Faux hawk, undercut and crew cut is the other haircut that used.