Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles for Women

Women everywhere who feel the need of looking pretty at wedding event, this celebrity wedding hairstyle for women will give you some insight for your hair. Both short and long hair can search on the style that you preferred at these images of celebrities hairstyles. As you can see, the choice is ranging and diverse. You only need to be keen on what hair will suit the event well. If you are the braid, don’t look too plain with your hairstyle choice, instead, choose the one that will brighten and put the spotlight on you.

Hairstyles that women usually wear at formal event, such as wedding, is a bun and other updos. Let me give you a few example of updos that these celebrities sport. Bun is one that used a lot here. Some celebrities wear a messy bun. They put the bun on low side, and create the messy effect with curling their hair. For example Taylor Swift bun. You can see that her messy bun is emphasized with the curl. She also put some accessories on there. If you don’t wan to curl your hair, then try to copy Cameron Diaz messy bun. Aside from messy bun, you can try braided bun, Ballerina bun, sleek looking bun, or unique bun sported by Drew Barrymore.

The not too formal celebrity wedding hairstyles for women that you can sport are letting it loose, half waving it, curling it, or tied it into a ponytail. Kim Kardashian in the images were placing her ponytail up-high and then put a nice chain looking accessories on the back. Some of them even tied it with their own hair. If you not looking forward to these long haired style, then why don’t try the medium and short hairstyles? You can copy Paris Hilton medium hair, and putting head accessories just like her. That was elegant and stunning. Or you want the super short haircut sported by Rihanna? Just take a look at the images till you satisfied, and then choose what celebrity hairstyles that will look fit to you at the wedding.

 Celebrity Wedding Short Hairstyles

Celebrity Wedding New Hairstyles

Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles

Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles Long Hairs

Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles Half up

Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles for Women

Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles Down

Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles 2012

Celebrity wedding hairstyles for women were giving women who want to style their hair at wedding event. Whether its the braid itself, or the guest, looking at celebrities hairstyles then copy their idea to apply at your hair is acceptable. The hairstyles can be applied to the short, medium until the long hair.