Bun Hairstyles for Little Girls

Want to try some variation for your little princess? This bun hairstyles for little girls is one of the alternatives that you can try. You already know that bun is an elegant hairstyles, so why don’t put it on your baby girl? Your little girls will look nice and pretty. Besides, making bun is easy to do and simple. You only need your child long hair, comb, and some pin or elastic band to tied it on its place. Comb your daughter’s hair, pulled it up and twisted it. Add some headband will make your child looked more cute.

Bun Hairstyles for Little Girls

There are lots of bun variation that you can try on your little girl’s hair. From neat and tidy ballerina bun, messy bun, to side bun. To make a messy bun on your child’s hair, tie your child’s hair into a ponytail. Put the ponytail in mid-height if you want to make a mid-height bun. Then twist the hair into a bun, tied it tight, then pull some hair to make it looked messy. Separating it with finger is good to make the messy effect more appear.

Bun Hairstyles for Little Girls 2012

For the tidy and neat ballerina bun, you need pomade or gel to make your child’s hair looked shiny and sleek. Just like what we do on messy bun, tie your little girl’s hair into ponytail. After that, divide the ponytail into three part. Top, left side and right side. Roll the top part with some round thing for help. The cylinder part of your comb will do. Secure it with bobby pin. For the other part left, the left side and the right side, do the same. Roll them and secure it with bobby pins too. There, the ballerina bun is accomplished. Need a bit of effort to do this styles, but it worth a good look from your child’s hair.

Bun Haircut for Little Girls

That was just two styles of the bun from the picture. If you desire it, you can google some tutorial regarding your child’s bun.

Bun Haircut 2012 for Little Girls

Bun hairstyles for little girls were having lots of variation. You can make ballerina bun, messy bun, side bun with some accessories on top of their head. Bun on your children’s hair will make them look good and cute.