Brad Pitt Hair 2012

Man with good look and good sense of fashion. This man also have a good haircuts and hairstyles that you can try to apply at your hair. So, man everywhere, this Brad Pitt hair is presented to you from us for your cool hairstyles inspiration. We will mainly talk about Brad Pitt hair at 2012.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt hair is straight and shiny. When he posed at the GQ magazines cover, you can see his blonde, shoulder length hair flowing freely and naturally. His long hair is actually not the newest style from him. He has a long hair too sometime ago. But his 2012 hair is somewhat different from his late ninety’s long hair. Brad Pitt hair in 2012 is more sexy and appealing. He cut his long hair in layer, makes his long hair looked good. Not to thick and heavy but balanced.

Brad Pitt Hairstyles

Not many man looked good with long hair. That was depend on the man who sported it. Brad Pitt is the one who got the gift. Brad Pitt long hair, both at 90’s and 2012 is looked good on him. But lets focus on the 2012. He first sport his long hair at 2011. His hair was already long, but still in the medium length. And then he shows off shoulder length hair at Oscar red carpet and Cannes film festival. Of course after that he got many compliment about his long hair.

Brad Pitt Hairstyles 2012

Brad Pitt 2012

Well, you see, Brad Pitt hair is sometimes tucked behind his ears or just falling freely. He also parting his hair either on the center or other side.

Brad Pitt Hairline

Brad Pitt Hair 2012

So, is this Brad Pitt 2012 hair is somewhat inspire you men to grow your hair long and styled it just like his? Whether you’re planning to sporting Brad Pitt hair or not, enjoy these picture of him in his 2012 hairstyles.

Brad Pitt Haircut

Brad Pitt Hair

Brad Pitt hair 2012 is long, stylish blonde hair. He cut it in layer. His 2012 hair is similar to his 90’s hairstyles. He first show his nice long hair at Oscar red carpet and Cannes film festival.