Bob Hairstyles 2012

Bob hairstyles 2012 are include the long bob or known as ‘lob’, the layer bob, A-line bob, and Mussy bob. All of these bob hairstyles are the modification version of old bob we used to know few decades before. The characteristic of these bob is that there will be no rigid, straight and boring bob like you may seen or use when you were kid. These bob have a strong character of natural, so that you will see your bob hair fall very naturally whatever the style you might choose.

The long bob let you to have a small of curls around your bottom hair. This additional textured will make your face look fresh, younger, and cute. You can make the curls right a bit above your jaw line and create another curl near the layers. To get the edgy look, you can add fringe of blunt bangs.

The mussy bob may become the extreme trend among other bob hairstyle 2012. You might have seen this hairstyle as way too casual and the messy look will make your face look paler if you don’t put the right make up. To get this extreme look, you only have to let the air dried your hair out and simply scrunch your hair when it dries. You don’t even have to use any brush to get a trendy look.

The A-line bob, however, goes very perfect for rectangular faces. This style will make your face look rounder and smooth. This neat hairstyle also will work for professional look and casual look. The characteristic of this A-line bob is the layers will goes longer at the front.

 Bob Hairstyles 2012

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Many hairs stylish believe that bob hairstyle is one of the rarest long lasting women hairstyle that will never goes out of style. You can always have bob no matter the era will be, all you have to do is only make a little different manner.

Bob hairstyle 2012 consist of A-line bob, long bob, and mussy bob.